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this car has issue with CHECK LIGHT and the only code it produce is P05AE, related to active shutter grill. Hi! I own a 2019 Honda CR-V and have experienced the "Shutter Grille Problem, Power Reduced", warning on 3 separate occasions now.
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  • Then try to shake the shutter grill to remove any leftovers to turn off the light.
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  • My guess is the grill in front of the radiator has flaps that open and close depending on car speed and engine temperature to balance engine cooling and aerodynamic drag.
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  • Shutter grille problem light reducing turbo.
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    If the lights remain on, then you need to visit your dealer.

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  • Our large inventory of Grilles fits 1997-2021 Honda CR-V and more.
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  • It is known for its style, reliability, and overall performance.
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    The warning.

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    Active aero dynamics.